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Welcome to one of the best selection of design events worldwide. Whether is a design week, a design festival, a trade show dedicated to the interior design and design, here you can find a complete guide with dates, essential infos, and all the useful links. In addition, here you can find insights, specific content, and interviews with key players and founders 

What you can find in the The Design Weeks, Festivals & Trade Shows Guide

The Design Weeks, Festivals & Trade Fairs Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides information and details about various design-related events, including design weeks, festivals, and trade fairs. This guide offers a curated and organized overview of events that celebrate and showcase design in its various forms, worldwide. 

It focuses on design-specific events that are typically larger in scale and are significant within the design industry. These can include:

  • Design Weeks
  • Design Festivals
  • Trade Fairs

The Design Weeks, Festivals & Trade Fairs Guide includes the following data per each event:

  • Information about the upcoming and past events, including names, dates, locations, and duration
  • Event descriptions, themes, and awards, highlighting what attendees can expect
  • Details about the organizers and sponsors of each event
  • Information about notable speakers, designers, or exhibitors participating in the events
  • Categories or design segments that each event focuses on (e.g., graphic design, interior design, fashion design, concept design, etc.).
  • Registration and ticket information, including costs and discounts
  • Venue details and directions, especially for out-of-town attendees
  • Updates and changes to event details, ensuring the information remains current 

The Design Weeks, Festivals & Trade Fairs Guide also gives reviews, recommendations, or highlights of particular events within the guide.

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