The Home Decor Market

home decor market

After the virtuous growth during the Covid emergency, the home decor market is settling. According to market forecasts, from 2024 to 2027, it will grow by more than 4% in value.

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home decor market

In 2022, in fact, according to data from the ExportPlanning Information System (September 2023), world trade in the HOME sector marked an all-time high (149.8 billion euros). It is, therefore, growing by approximately 19% compared to 2021. These are levels of over 44 billion euros higher than the pre-pandemic ones (year 2019), equal to an increase of approximately 42%. 2023 shows a slowdown in global trade in the sector, with a pre-estimate at the end of the year of a slight decline in values ​​in euros (-1.4%). In the 2027 scenario, global trade in home decor products should regain dynamism. Annual growth will be between 4.3 and 5.44% (in euros).

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Home decor market Italian export

In the 2024-2027 scenario, Made in Italy exports should increase. In fact, an average annual growth of +1.8% in euro values ​​is forecast for 2024. For the three years 2025-2027, there should be an increase of +3.3%.
In the 2024-2027 forecast scenario, France and the United States should drive Italian exports in the home decor sector, with increases of more than 30 million euros compared to 2023. The average annual growth rate should be between 1.9% of the French and 2.2% of the US markets.

The sales of the Italian home decor sector in Germany follow, +24.1 million euros from 2022, equal to +2%; then, the Netherlands (+4%, equivalent to +16.9 million euros), Spain (+2.7%, equivalent to +16.8 million Euros) and Poland (+5.4%, equal to +15.3 million Euros).
Also of interest for Made in Italy exports are the markets of Croatia (+9 million euros from 2022), Romania (+8.9 million euros), the United Kingdom (+8.7 million euros), and Vietnam (+8.6 million euros).

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home decor market

Home decor market Italian import

In 2022, Italian imports of home decor products reached the record figure of 3148 million euros (+38% compared to pre-pandemic levels). In 2023, there is a significant slowdown in Italian imports of the sector, which could slightly decline for the year (-1.8%), compared to 2022.
Italy, with approximately 3.1 billion euros estimated in the final balance for the year, occupies the 9th position among the 2023 world importers in the sector.
In the 2024-2027 scenario, a slight increase in Italian imports is expected. For 2024, in fact, the experts forecast an average annual growth of 2.9%; for the next three years (2025-2027), an increase of 4% is expected.

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