Bangkok Design Week 2024

bangkok design week

The seventh edition of Bangkok Design Week 2024 (BKKDW2024) will take place from January 27 to February 4, 2024. The theme of the 2024 edition is “Livable Scape: The More people act, the better the city.” Bangkok Design Week comprises more than 400 events spread across various districts in the city, including Charoenkrung-Talad Noi, Samyan-Siam, Ari-Pradipat, Phra Nakhon, Phrom Phong, and others. Among the various activities are exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, with initiatives and ideas to encourage change.

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bangkok design week 2024

Bangkok Design Week 2024: the six key programs

Exhibitor Program
Presents various design products that address the problems of urban life and help improve the quality of life. ‘HACK BKK’ is a design challenge that encourages change with people at its center. Exhibits include presentations of creative works that fit seamlessly into the urban context.

Academic Program
This program promotes the students’ potential and preparation to enter the creative industry. A special project is the collaboration between educational institutions, designers and the private sector to co-create projects. Part of this program is also volunteering on the staff of BKKDW to experience the creative management of the design festival, thus teamwork.

Business Program
Creates networking with businesses, to generate new opportunities. As part of the program, there is a partnership initiative, ‘CROSS Collab,’ where agencies, organizations and brands connect with designers to design new creations. Also, as part of the Business Program, is the Creative Marketplace. 

International Program
The program builds networking and collaborations between Thai and international designers to create new opportunities for Thailand’s creative industry. As part of the program, international designers also collaborate with local communities. 

Local Community Program
The Local Community Program aims to engage communities to develop programs that make the city more livable, a neighborhood project to create more social public spaces. The communities develop projects collaborating with local stakeholders to create engaging communities.
Livable Neighborhoods: A city that cares for people through neighborhood design.
Healthy Alleys: Creating healthy alleys as a sociable public space.

Lively Program
This program creates movement and enhances the creative atmosphere and lively space to attract more people to the festival. Music and entertainment, with open stage/BKK Street Performer from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; guided tours and open house to attract the public.

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bangkok design week

Creative Market at Bangkok Design Week

A dynamic platform for new ideas

Therefore, Bangkok Design Week 2024 (BKKDW2024) serves as a dynamic platform for new ideas and new urban experiences throughout the city.
It encourages everyone to participate in creating a “Livable Landscape” in all possible forms, from the small things around us to the relationships we form, the space we inhabit, and the environment we live in.
The city thus becomes one big design festival in three essential dimensions.
Hard Matters: A city that is physically well-designed, effortlessly accessible, and promotes good health.
Heart Matters: A city that is emotionally nurturing, caring for its people, offering a variety of activities, and celebrating authentic culture.
Design Matters: A city that is well-designed, ensuring a good life, thriving public spaces, strong communities, and contributing to the creative economy.

Bangkok Design Week 2024, January 27 to February 4

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