Maison & Objet 2024: what to expect

maison objet

In 2024, Maison&Objet celebrates 30 years of French inspiration in furniture, design and lifestyle. To celebrate this anniversary, the show will take visitors on a journey into an enchanted future, where technology and nature coexist in harmony. The underlying theme of Maison&Objet 2024 is TECH EDEN: the fair, Maison & Objet in the City, and the virtual platform M.O.M. will develop around this thread.

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maison objet 2024

Outonomy – installation by Mathieu Lehanneur

In continuity with last year’s theme ‘ENJOY!’, ‘TECH EDEN’ conveys a dreamlike optimism through shapes and colors. TECH EDEN focuses on futuristic biophilia, a new world of well-being. Through immersive experiences, TECH EDEN invites professionals to rethink the design of spaces with technological innovation, innovative aesthetic, and environmental approaches.

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maison objet 2024

Maison & Objet 2024 – Tech Eden- Munna Pema Fateuil de méditation

Even science fiction has entered a new era and changed scenarios. It is no longer modeled on space and time travel at the mercy of mysterious aliens. Instead, James Cameron’s Avatar 2 (2022), immerses us in a fantastical natural environment, while Thomas Cailley’s Animal Kingdom (2022) explores the idea of mutation in a world of half-human, half-animal hybrids. In this next-generation narrative, the desire is no longer for space. Instead, the players look for original paradise and a return to a wild existence enhanced by scientific progress.

Three trends at Maison&Objet 2024

More than just a presentation, “What’s New? In Retail?” will be a think-tank for the retail sector, which has become omnichannel. The program will offer a selection of new products, a program of workshops and lectures, a café, and many merchandising ideas. François Delclaux will then present a space dedicated to sourcing and cultural exchange, in collaboration with the design agency BETC. The design of the space embodies three trends: sustainable minimalism, responsible brutalism (reuse and recycling of materials), and organic fluidity.

maison objet 2024

Maison & Objet 2024 – Tech Eden -Gobolights – Suspension Carpos

The home as a reassuring cocoon

Since the pandemic, people’s behaviors have changed, thanks to technology, which has empowered smart working and e-commerce. The home is considered a refuge, a reassuring cocoon with modular and multifunctional spaces. The living room becomes an office, while the bathroom is a living room dedicated to wellness. The exhibition “What’s New? In Decor,” curated by Elisabeth Leriche, will focus on a new approach to interior decoration, with textiles, installations, and immersive decorations.

The escape pods

Three biophilic escape pods, curated by Peclers Paris, will offer wellness solutions to get away. Thus, the cafeteria becomes a space for wellness. Hotel rooms welcome luxurious spas for multisensory experiences, and waiting places, such as airports or stations, become sports arenas, thanks to the latest immersive technologies.

Soft tech as a driver of wellness

Technology helps the quest for wellness, even in the hospitality industry. Once Upon a Dream, a capsule room designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for the reopening of the Hôtel de Marc, uses artificial programming of natural day/night cycles to encourage more restorative sleep.

Well-being in the home-cocoon

To meet the ever-increasing demand for wellness, Maison&Objet launched the new ”Well-being and Beauty” sector in September 2023. Wellness rituals and technological innovations are helping to create a home-cocoon feeling. Explains Jean-Louis Frechin, director and founder of, a digital design and innovation specialist: ”This new natural epoch, the Anthropocene, suffers from imbalances caused by the abuse of technology and the reckless use of the Earth’s resources. Through technologies applied correctly, designers will be able to develop sustainable and balanced solutions. In the age of artificial intelligence, where we design many products automatically, the only question to ask is how we wish to inhabit this world.”

Maison & Objet In the City

It is a B-to-B event taking place simultaneously with Maison & Objet. Maison & Objet In the City brings together in a unique circuit the 100 venues that make up the Paris ecosystem of furniture excellence: decorators, interior designers, galleries, major maisons, and exceptional artisans.

maison objet in the city

Elie Saab – Maison & Objet In the City

maison objet in the city

Féau – Maison & Objet In the City

maison objet in the city

Gilles & Boissier – Maison & Objet In the City

maison objet in the city

Uchronia Chez Prelle – Maison & Objet In the City

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